Yatahai Gardens

Boulder County’s Only Garden Center That Grows Everything It Sells!

Open Mid March Through July

Hours: 9am to 6pm Daily


Yatahai Gardens is operated on a farm in Boulder County known as Yatahai Eco-Farm.  Yatahai Eco-farm is a joint collaboration of  two families who both reside on the property.  The operation of the garden center is an integral part of the greater long term vision of Yatahai Eco-Farm.

Briefly described, the vision and goal of Yatahai Eco-Farm is to create a sustainable, land-based means of livelihood for the two families residing at the farm and also to be a working demonstration site for others to learn from.  Given my decade and a half of organic farming experience, we are making strides towards food self-sufficiency.  There is consideration taken for soil fertility, irrigation practices, water conservation, on-site composting, as well as renewable energy.  It can be described that Yatahai Gardens (the garden center where customers come to buy plants) is simply a point of departure by which the customers can become involved in something far greater than simply buying a hanging basket or some petunias.

Yatahai is a Navajo word meaning “hello”,  or “good”—similar  perhaps to Aloha in Hawaiian.  For well over a decade, I spent three or four months a year living and working on the Navajo reservation (generally during the off season of farming).  It was there that I became aware of the great need and desire for modern day life to be connected to the natural world in a much deeper and more meaningful way.  Yatahai Eco-Farm and Yatahai Gardens is my way of trying to make that happen.


We are conveniently located on Nelson Road, west of Longmont, and five miles east of Highway 36 between Boulder and Lyons. 

We hope to see you this spring!




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Yatahai Gardens

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